Earlier this year I was contacted by Brent Knopf (of Ramona Falls and Menomena) to record some drums for a super-secret project he was working on. I eventually realized that the voice I was hearing was Matt Berninger from The National! Hijinks ensued and the album, Return to the Moon, is going to come out in October under the band name EL VY. But for now, here’s a video for the second song on the album, I’m the Man to Be, with drums from the Boom Crash studio. Enjoy!

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Jim Adkins Solo

One of the things I’ve been working on this year at the studio has been some solo material for Jim Adkins from one of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World. I’ve had the good fortune to fill in on drums for some shows with Jimmy Eat World, way back when, and Jim has been involved with a few projects I’ve worked on in the past (like THIS ALBUM, which he produced), but this is the first time I’ve worked with him on his own music, and I think it all turned out AWESOME! Check out the song above and if you want to hear more, go get some at HIS WEBSITE.

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Hi Everybody!

Oh man, it’s been a crazy year here at Boom Crash Drum Tracks. I’ve been completely neglecting this blog, but for good reason…I’ve been hard at work recording drums for lots of super awesome projects. I’m going to make an effort to write more in the upcoming days and weeks to get this thing back up to date. But for now, check out this new album from one of my favorite bands, Two Cheers. We recorded the drums a while back, and the process with these guys is super fun, because Bryan Akcasu (the singer) writes TOTALLY INSANE drum beats for his demos and expects me to reproduce them with what I think he believes are super-human drumming skillz. I do my best and sometimes have to cheat with multi-tracking, but for the most part, I do whatever I can live in one take. My favorite groove on this is the one for The Explode Boys, which, aside from the tambourine, is all played live with a floor tom next to my hi-hat. Anyway, PLEASE check out this whole album…they really are fantastic. ENJOY!

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5 Questions from The Cold and Lovely

Hi there! I recently recorded drums for The Cold and Lovely‘s new album What Will I Become. It is fantastic, and you should check it out immediately. Preview it HERE. I also did a little Q&A with them about the making of the album. You can read all about it HERE. That is all for now.

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Alone Together

I’m jazzing it up in the studio today with my mid-’60s Slingerland kit for some great musicians in Kazan, Russia. And appropriately, the tune is…wait for it…Alone Together! HAHA. Get it? ‘Cause I’m alone here in my studio, playing…together…with…them. No? Well, I thought it was funny…Jazz Kit

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