3, 2, 1: Roko

At the beginning of 2014 I was contacted by producer Antonio Ferrara to record drums for a super talented singer out of Granada, Spain named Roko. Roko hasn’t really done much here in the US, so I was unaware of her, but she’s pretty popular at home and rightfully so because, wow, she’s AWESOME! I’m having another one of those moments where I’m amazed that this online recording thing works so well and I’m able to make music with people from all over the world. We tracked the drums over the course of a couple weeks, mostly exchanging WhatsApp messages back and forth to tweak stuff, and I think we all had a blast doing it. Anyway, the album came out a few weeks ago…check it out HERE (especially if you’re a Spanish speaker). And here is a video they did of the making of the album. If you watch closely around 5:20, you’ll see bit of me from the Boom Crash studio, looking decidedly geeky and American. Oh well… Enjoy!

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