New Boom Crash Studio!


Hey there! This is kind of old news at this point, but this summer, I moved the Boom Crash Drum Tracks studio into a new building. The room I had been using for about 5 years was demolished to create a new event space in the building I rent out of, so I moved to a new stand-alone structure nearby. It was a pretty raw space, so I had to put a lot of work into it, but the result is that I’ve made it exactly what I’ve always wanted. With about 500 square feet of space and soaring 15-foot ceilings (over 7,000 cubic feet of space!), it really sounds fantastic. Much more “open” sounding than my old room. I built some gobos and an absorption cloud that can be raised and lowered, so I can contain the space around the drums for a smaller sound, giving me lots of options for the ambience of the drums. I couldn’t be happier, and I can now offer even BETTER-sounding drum tracks! I’m hoping great music will come out of this place.

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More EL VY

Here’s another awesome song from the EL VY album that I boomed and crashed on. Enjoy!

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Sam Means – 10 Songs

In 2015, I had the great fortune to record drums for Sam Means’s new album, 10 Songs, which just released in January. I’ve known Sam for years and worked with him and Nate Ruess on The Format‘s album Dog Problems. In fact, Sam was one of the very first people to have me record drum tracks from this Boom Crash studio and was instrumental in proving to me that this whole remote recording thing could work (those recordings were released on his EP Nona in 2012). 10 songs was produced by Steve McDonald, who also produced The Format’s Dog Problems and Fun.‘s Aim and Ignite (another album I played on) and seriously is one of my proudest drumming moments, especially since all the drum tracks came out of my own studio. The whole album is here to check out…so please do!!

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$99 For One Song!

Happy New Year from Boom Crash Drum Tracks! 2015 was a whirlwind of activity and saw some of the most widely-released music to come out of the Boom Crash studio. Some highlights were:

Jim Adkins
Jim is the singer from Jimmy Eat World (one of my favorite bands), but he took some time away from the “day job” to put out some solo tracks. Check one out HERE.

EL VY is Matt Berninger from The National and Brent Knopf from Ramona Falls. I think they are both super talented and consider it an honor to have been involved. I recorded drums for 4 tracks, one of which you can hear HERE.

Sam Means
Sam was one-half of the band The Format, along with Nate Ruess who went on to form Fun. Sam is putting out a long awaited solo LP at the end of this month, titled10 Songs, and all the drums were recorded here at Boom Crash. It was produced by Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross, and OFF!) who also produced The Format’s Dog Problems, and Fun.’s Aim and Ignite (both of which I played drums on). Check out THIS SONG and look for the album on 1/22/16.

There were tons of other exciting projects in 2015, with musicians from Sweden to Columbia to Australia…it still blows my mind that recording music this way actually WORKS! To celebrate, I’m again running the annual $99-for-one-song deal for the entire month of January. I’ll record one song for you — with as many takes as you’d like, and whatever percussion you’d like — then deliver multi tracks for you to have your way with.

This deal is good for everyone, whether we’ve worked together before or not. Just contact me here and we’ll iron out the details. And please forward the offer to anyone who might be in need of some drums!

Here’s to an awesome 2016!

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Jim Adkins I Will Go

I’ve already mentioned this Jim Adkins (singer from Jimmy Eat World) solo material in an earlier post, but here’s a YouTube playlist with the entire I Will Go EP. I played and recorded all of these drums from the Boom Crash studio, minus the crazy distorted drums on the Everly Brothers cover. Enjoy!

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